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The first printed newspaper in Curaçao was "The Curaçao Gazette and Commercial Advertiser" which was published on 11 December 1812. The publisher was William Lee, who bore the title of "Printer to the King's most excellent Majesty." The paper was originally published in English with a few pieces in Dutch. Since March 1816 the magazine was published under the name “De Curaçaosche Courant.” William Lee had his printing office in Caracas, Venezuela in 1812.

On 26 March of that year, Venezuela's capital was hit by a severe earthquake, with an estimated 12,000 casualties. It is likely that William Lee in response to this disaster decided to leave Venezuela. It is also possible that the defeat of the "Independientes" (The Independents) in Caracas, in 1812, forced Lee to emigrate to Curaçao. In 1812 Curaçao was under British rule, and it was a safe haven for Lee. After Lee's death in 1823, his widow took charge of the printing office.

The office changed ownership several times. Nowadays, the printing company is owned by P. Elisabeth.


Journalistiek leven in Curaçao. 1944. Dr. J. Hartog